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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Kashmir Conflict | Real Dispute

Kashmir Conflict | Real Dispute

Kashmir Conflict:

The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region. The conflict started after the partition of India in 1947 as a dispute over the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir and escalated into three wars between India and Pakistan and several other armed skirmishes. China has also been involved in the conflict in a third-party role.

Both India and Pakistan claim the entirety of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. India controls approximately 55% of the land area of the region and 70% of its population, Pakistan controls approximately 30% of the land, while China controls the remaining 15%. India administers Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and the Siachen Glacier. Pakistan administers Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. China administers the mostly uninhabited Shaksgam Valley, and the Aksai Chin region. {Source: Wikipedia}

Kashmir Conflict | Real Dispute
Kashmir Conflict | Real Dispute

How antique is this fight?

Even earlier than India and Pakistan won their independence from Britain in August 1947, Kashmir became hotly contested.

Below the partition plan provided by using the Indian Independence Act, Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan.

The Maharaja (neighborhood ruler), Hari Singh, selected India and two-year warfare erupted in 1947.
A brand new conflict observed in 1965, at the same time as in 1999 India fought a brief but bitter struggle with Pakistani-subsidized forces.

By using that point, India and Pakistan had each declared themselves to be nuclear powers.

Why is there a lot of unrest in the Indian-administered element?

Many humans in the territory do no longer want it to be governed with the aid of India, who prefer alternatively both independence or union with Pakistan.

The populace of the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir is greater than 68% Muslim, making it the only nation inside India where Muslims are in most people.

Excessive unemployment and proceedings of human rights abuses via security forces battling street protesters and combating insurgents have annoyed the problem.

Violent insurgency within the state has ebbed and flowed when you consider that 1989, however, the area witnessed a sparkling wave of violence after the death of 22-year-old militant chief Burhan Wani in July 2016. He died in warfare with security forces, sparking massive protests across the valley.

Wani - whose social media motion pictures have been popular amongst younger humans - is largely credited with reviving and legitimizing the image of militancy within the area.

Hundreds attended Wani's funeral which turned into held in his hometown of Tral, about 40km (25 miles) south of the metropolis of Srinagar. Following the funeral, humans clashed with troops and it prompts a deadly cycle of violence for days. Greater than 30 civilians died, and others had been injured within the clashes. In view that then, violence has been on the upward thrust in the nation.

Extra than 500 human beings have been killed in 2018 - which includes civilians, security forces and militants - the best such toll in a decade.

Why not there high hopes for peace (Kashmir Conflict) in the new century?

India and Pakistan did certainly agree with a ceasefire in 2003 after years of bloodshed alongside the de facto border (additionally called the line of control).

Pakistan later promised to stop funding insurgents within the territory at the same time as India supplied them an amnesty in the event that they renounced militancy.

Then, in 2014, new Indian authorities came to electricity promising a difficult line on Pakistan, however, also showed hobby in conserving peace talks.

Nawaz Sharif, then high minister of Pakistan, also attended Indian PM Narendra Modi's swearing-in rite in Delhi.

But a year later, India blamed Pakistan-primarily based agencies for an assault on its airbase in Pathankot in the northern kingdom of Punjab. Mr. Modi also canceled a scheduled go to to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, for a nearby summit in 2017. On the grounds that then, there hasn't been any progress in talks among the neighbors.

Are we returned to square one?

The bloody summer time of street protests in Indian-administered Kashmir in 2016 had already dimmed hopes for a lasting peace inside the location. Then, in June 2018, Mr. Modi's Bharatiya Janata birthday party pulled out of a coalition authorities run through the human beings' Democratic birthday celebration. The state has for the reason that been underneath direct rule from Delhi, which fuelled similarly anger.

The death of greater than 40 Indian troops on 14 February in a suicide, the assault has ended any hopes of a thaw in the immediate future. India blamed Pakistan-based militant agencies for an attack - the deadliest targeting Indian troops in Kashmir since the insurgency started out 3 decades ago.
Following the bombing, India stated it'd take "all possible diplomatic steps" to isolate Pakistan from the global community.

On 26 February it released air strikes in Pakistani territory which it said targeted militant bases.
Pakistan denied the raids had brought about principal damage or casualties however promised to respond, fuelling fears of disagreement. A day later it said it shot down two Indian Air force jets in its airspace after Pakistani planes struck objectives in Indian Territory.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019




The population growth varies among the nations. In 1902 UN prepared estimates for population of major regions of the world. In 20th century the world population increased rapidly. It was only during the period 1940- 1950, that the population remained static. The average annual growth during this period was 0.80% only. During next twenty years its growth was at the rate of 2.22%.


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019




Art and Literature according to Iqbal are powerful agencies for quickening the dominant energies and potentialities of the people, mirroring their past, depicting their present and pointing to their future. They are connected not with the purely temporary or ephemeral aspects of individual or collective experience but with what is genuinely significant and abiding. The ultimate objective of literature and art, he contends, is the "Life Eternal", (Hayat-e-Abadi)- the life of the spirit which alone gives meaning and reality to our every day efforts and activities and not this fleeting breath which goes out quickly like a quivering flame. He admonishes poets and writers against a life of ease and retirement of lamentation of their own limited emotional experiences; he exhorts them to throw themselves whole- heartedly into the life of active struggle going on around them. "Do you desire to stamp your impression on life?" then learn to participate in its manifold activities courageously. The ultimate end of all human activity is life-glorious, powerful, and exuberant. All human art must be subordinated to this final purpose and the value of everything must be determined in reference to its life-yielding capacity. The highest is that which awakens our dormant will-force and prepares us to face the trials of life stoically. All that brings drowsiness and makes us shut our eyes to reality around on the mastery of which alone life depends, is a message of death and decay. There should be no opium eating in art. The dogma of art for the sake of art is a clever invention of decadence to cheat us out of life and power. As he says in Zarb-I-Kalim P 117;

"Men of vision", it is good to have an eye for beauty,
But the eye that perceives no reality has no vision Art yearns for the immortal life,
And not for this fleeting breath, transitory like the spark!
O spring rain, the shell and the pearl are both worthless.
If they do not throw the heart of river into a ferment!
Nations do not revive without miracles
And art is dead if it lacks the vigour of Moses stroke.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

WITH THE POOR - dargowhar

WITH THE POOR - dargowhar


Many humans nowadays view manners in a industrial mild. To them, simplest rich humans' jokes are worth laughing at, and simplest their faults are considered small and worth of overlooking. As for the negative, their jokes square measure unendurable and simplest worthy of ridicule, at the same time as their faults are magnified and they're shouted down.
As for the Prophet (SAW), his kindness extended to both wealthy and poor alike. Anas - may also Allah be pleased with him-said, "there has been a person from amongst the Bedouins whose name was Zahir bin Haram. On every occasion he got here to Madinah for a need, he delivered some thing for the Prophet (noticed) as a gift, like cottage, cheese or butter. Likewise the Prophet (SAW) would prepare some thing to provide to him each time he desired to leave, along with dates and so forth. The Prophet (SAW) used to love him and say; "Zahir is our Bedouin and we're his town dwellers." Zahir become no longer excellent looking. One day, Zahir-might also Allah be pleased with him-left the wasteland and got here to Allah's Messenger (SAW) but did no longer find him. He had some products to sell so he went directly to the market area. While the Prophet (SAW) observed out about his arrival, he went to the market area searching out him. While he arrived, he noticed him selling his merchandise with sweat pouring down from his face, and he wore bedouin garments which did not odor top both. The Prophet (SAW) hugged him tightly from in the back of, whilst Zahir became unaware and couldn't see who it turned into.
Zahir have become scared and stated: "permit me pass! Who is this?" but the Prophet (SAW) remained silent Zahir attempted to release himself from his grip and started out to look right and left. Whilst he saw Prophet (SAW) he cozy and calmed down putting his back in opposition to the Prophet's chest. The Prophet (SAW) commenced to shaggy dog story with him, pronouncing to the public: "Who will purchase this slave?! Who will buy this slave?!"
There upon, Zahir checked out himself and notion of his excessive poverty, for he had neither wealth nor top seems
He stated: "you'll find me unmarketable, O Messenger of Allah. The Prophet (SAW) stated, "but you aren't unmarketable with Allah. You're very valuable to Allah. It changed into no wonder then that the hearts of the terrible have been connected to the Prophet (SAW). He could gain their admire and love through such an mind-set. Many negative human beings may not accuse the wealthy of miserliness in phrases of wealth and meals, but they could absolutely accuse them of miserliness in terms of gracious and kind treatment. How regularly do you smile at a bad man or woman and make him feel he is worthy and decent, in order that perhaps at night time he might supplicate for you and motive Allah’s mercy to descend upon you from the heavens?
There may be a person with matted hair who is rejected and now not cared for, but if he ever asks Allah for some thing he's constantly spoke back to. Consequently always be humane with the vulnerable and negative.
A touch...Perhaps only a smile at a poor guy would increase you in rank in the sight of Allah.

Monday, February 25, 2019

ALL ABOUT ARTICLE 35A - dargowhar

ALL ABOUT ARTICLE 35A - dargowhar


Any argument towards Article 35-A of the constitution of India in isolation from the political and social situations in which partition of India, accession of JK with India passed off and wherein Orders and Notifications of 1927 and 1932 were issued by the then Ruler of JK Maharaja Hari Singh is patently bound to result in incorrect conclusions approximately it.
Pre-partion history:
That expressed, permit us to in brief cross back the records and promulgation of Order and Notifications of 1927 and 1932 issued by technique of maharajah Hari Singh. The first goal in the back of those Orders & Notifications end up to cope with to sure concerns that are raised and dropped at the awareness of the Sovereign Ruler. The folks family masses men people at huge humans in general persons corporations of human beings individuals from erstwhile geographical place had began obtaining jobs a few of the government Departments and shopping for land from the locals of the state of JK at an ever increasing scale. Feeling afraid via the overseas intrusion into their state and likely trample over their rights of employment and property, the residents of the nation, preponderantly non Muslim (Dogras of Jammu and Kashmiri Pandits), are the first fighters and “objectioners” to the “foreigners” all told chance attending to trade human ecology and established order of the country. “The alienation of the Kashmiris to Hari Singh became heightened through the continued presence of ‘outsiders’ in government provider, that brought on a movement called ‘Kashmir for the Kashmiris’, backed with the aid of shows that of the extra knowledgeable Kashmiri Pandits. …”. (Kashmir in battle via method of Victoria Schofield, (2013) web content material seventeen, stress mine). Paying attention to the voices of problem and addressing consistent, the Sovereign King were given “statutory” order shaping “Hereditary kingdom problem” & recognising “Hereditary kingdom issue’s” specific rights of appointment many of the government departments and also the acquisition and sale of land. The Order end up exceeded to forbid the utilization of non-country subjects amongst most people services besides disallowing them to buy land among the state of J & k. (Ibid, geographic area in war). In easy words, such rights had been no longer available to non-state subjects. The expressed Order grow to be, through implication, modified with the aid of shows that of the Notification 1-L/eighty four dated 20-04-1927 whereby the term “country task” become substituted for the time frame “hereditary state problem” and additionally the kingdom subjects had been divided into many categories the speak concerning whom is past the scope of this article. The Notification 1-L/eighty four dated 20-04-1927 have become ascertained through shows that of the Notification No. 13/L dated 27-06-1932 underneath the Command of the Sovereign in an endeavor to make your thoughts up the fame of the kingdom subjects throughout a overseas united states of America the Governments of the distant places nations regarding the placement of their (distant places) international locations inside the state of JK. So, to adumbrate the records, the Notifications of 1927 & 1932 granted to the kingdom subjects unique rights of (1) scholarships, (2) land ownerships and (3) enlisting to u . S . Services. (kingdom of J & ok v. Dr. Susheela Sawhney, AIR 2003 JK 80 three = (1) JKJ 35). The Notifications of 1927 & 1932 were protected below the earlier JK constitution of 1939 that had been additionally coated & preserved below the JK charter of 1956. (Sections five-A to 5-F).
If we pass similarly backward toward the give up of nineteenth Century Kashmir, we will amazingly notice that a deep subject changed into also expressed by the predominant settlement Officer of the state of JK in 1887 in opposition to feasible exploitation of land rights of Kashmiris via others if statutory protection become now not granted to those rights of the Kashmiris with the aid of the Monarchs of that day. (The valley of Kashmir, (2014) Sir W P Lawrence, pages 430-432).The dialogue so far brings us to finish that afore-cited special rights and privileges of the human beings of JK with appreciate to their (1) immovable homes, (2) authorities jobs and (three) scholarships are firmly grounded within the political records of JK.
Partition, Accession, Constitution & Delhi Agreement:
India were given freedom on 15th August, 1947 without delay on cessation of British paramountcy beneath the Independence Act, 1947 in which 600 strange States of un-partitioned-India were left free to pick between both of the two Dominions of India or Pakistan created thereunder. Nearly all States [of Indian Union] decided to accede to Dominion of India besides the state of J& k. The Ruler of J & ok, MHS, took time to decide both way until “special circumstances” that had already commenced showing signs of coming, ultimately came whilst on 26-10-1947 the MHS entered into an tool of Accession/IOA with India. The IOA furnished for “conditional accession” of JK with India on 3 topics best, specifically, protection, foreign Affairs and verbal exchange. Dominion of Pakistan did now not be given the said “conditional accession” and in the long run the problem changed into taken to UN by means of India itself in January 1948 for a final verdict. UN GA surpassed numerous resolutions upholding right of self-determination of JK people, as a concomitant of democracy, under UN auspices in JK.
Within the interim, all through a length of just about three years, from ninth December 1946 to 26th November 1949, the Constituent assembly of India become busy in drafting, considering and discussing approximately the provisions of the destiny charter of Republic of India. It was subsequently adopted on twenty sixth November 1949 and came into powerful from 26th January 1950. The constitution underneath Article 394 prolonged to complete of India. It is glaringly clear that it did not with the aid of its own force follow to JK in the same manner as it applied to rest of India. It turned into extended to JK by means of distinctive feature of two provisions simplest viz Article 370 and Article 1. Article 370 incorporated 3 items of IOA empowering Parliament to legislate on them only as far as JK become worried. Regarding the other topics and provisions of the constitution, underneath Article 370 (1) (d), it changed into /is laid down that simplest President could make bigger them (different provisions of the charter and Parliamentary legal guidelines on such topics in Union & Concurrent lists on which Parliament has energy to make legal guidelines), with such exceptions and adjustments as he may also specify by using order, to the nation of JK. However, this unique manner of making use of constitution to the kingdom of JK is needed beneath Article 370 to be completed most effective through an order surpassed/to be by using the President in concurrence or consultation with the nation government.As noticed above, to confront challenges in UN GA questioning legality of India’s claim on JK, the charter (utility to J & k) Order of 1950, which become concomitant with the constitution itself, attempted to formalise and legalise the connection among the country & UOI. But it turned into not located sufficient for a “constitutional democracy” like India to justify its claim on JK on Articles 370, 1 & constitution (utility to J & ok) Order, 1950. So, discussion for further strengthening bonds of relationship, bringing JK constitutionally toward India continued between Leaderships of India and JK which culminated in what's popularly referred to as Delhi settlement of 1952 signed among Sheikh Abdullah & JL Nehru. In other words, one could say that Delhi agreement, http://jklaw.Nic.In/delhi1952agreemnet.Pdf, regardless of grievance it bore from Hindu RSS hardliners of JK & India, furnished the plenty needed treatment to India to soothe its immediately trouble at international level by way of crawling alongside the constitutional direction to reach closer and in the direction of JK. Factor  of the Delhi settlement is pertinent within the context of the discussion and it's miles writ large from this point that citizens of JK had been no longer seemed as citizens of India and so, it was agreed that Article five of the constitution of India could be extended to JK to consist of the human beings who've a dwelling house in JK to treat them as citizens of India. Point two of the agreement further empowered the state Legislature to make laws of its preference defining “country subjects” and confer on them the privileges and rights which they have have been playing already with the aid of virtue of Orders & Notifications of 1927 & 1932 mentioned above.The Delhi settlement become a solemn pledge made between JK & India and any backtracking on it through Sheikh Abdullah became to be treated now not in India’s “national pastimes” (refer letter dated 10-06-1953 of KN Katjoo addressed to Nehru) and India via its leadership had similarly certain itself to contain its terms in its charter and desired JK to do the same via its future Constituent meeting. (Refer reply of Nehru to Dr. Karan Singh’s  letters dated 03 & 07 August 1952). The question arises if backtracking through JK, Sheikh Abdullah, from the factors of the Delhi settlement changed into unacceptable to India, then, via the same common sense reneging via India after 70 years on any of those terms including factor  is equally unacceptable to people and all leaders of JK besides few Hindu RSS ideologues who're a fringe minority.

Translating Delhi Agreement into action: 
Within the backdrop of Delhi agreement of 1952 followed by the guidelines dated sixth February 1954 of the JK Constituent assembly‘s Advisory Committee on essential Rights and Citizenship and Nehru’s assertion to the Lok Sabha approximately Delhi agreement, the President of India, in exercise of his powers conferred upon him by means of Article 370 (1) with concurrence of the authorities of JK, handed the constitution (application to Jammu & Kashmir) Order, 1954. The stated Presidential Order of 1954, for this reason, implemented the Delhi agreement whereby, amongst many different matters, Indian citizenship became extended to the citizens of JK and concurrently Article 35-A become inserted into the Indian constitution that offers carte blanche to the kingdom Legislature to outline who are the “kingdom topics” & confer at the “kingdom subjects” special rights and privileges in public quarter/authorities jobs, acquisition of immovable assets in J&K, settlements, scholarships and other public aid and welfare.

Sunday, February 24, 2019



    Human beings need bread and butter to satisfy their physical needs, but to satisfy their intellectual needs they require knowledge, and its books that provide them with knowledge. Students should read books and magazines to satisfy their intellectual hunger. Students should read informative books and magazines like books on travel and adventure, history and geography, culture and civilization.
   In past, the students were reading some selected books, which they were taught in colleges.They were not interested in reading more and knowing something new.If some students were interested they also could not satisfy their hunger of knowing new things due to their financial problems or due to  some other reasons but present days students are not facing any kind of problems i.e., they are given sufficient money by their parents for studying in colleges and for private coaching.Despite the parents, great efforts, their wards are not talking their parents hard work seriously, they are not using their parents money in a proper way, students should purchase necessary books which are full of useful information for them. They should read magazines of adventures and some great personalities.They should acquire a lot of general knowledge by books. But present days students are not reading useful books that guide them to light but they are the books and magazines, which lead them to darkness.
   Parents should take serious and immediate steps in selecting the books and magazines for their wards, which they could read at home to save their wards from utter destruction and to make the future colleges, schools and higher secondary's, the teachers should look after the students curricular and co-curricular activities.They should guide them and mould their behavior in a proper from darkness towards light.
   My dear friends, everyone has an aim in order to achieve our goal, we should learn more and more so that after achieving our destiny we should serve the poor and needy in every walk of life.We should burn our midnight oil in reading the useful books as a our hobby.We should make a small library at our home and should make the best use of our college libraries.We should not spend most of our time in playing, watching Tv and wandering, but we should stick to our books in order to achieve our goal.Books help us in free thinking and broadening our vision.
   We should develop the guts to face the problems boldly and come up the expectations of our parents and teachers;and this is all possible by reading useful and informative books.
"Books are keys to wisdom treasure,
 Books are gates to lands of pleasure,
 Books are paths that upward lead,
 Books are friends, come lets read".

Saturday, February 23, 2019




Self study is one of the maximum vital things to do as a way to qualify an examination. The quantity of hours does not in reality be counted. While you certainly look at for two hours with performance you do no longer want a 4 hours slog, and there's no factor in studying greater.
In lecture room coaching, there are numerous factors which actually avoid the manner of proper mastering. For the reason that syllabus is pretty huge and teachers are careworn to complete the syllabus in a confined time body, they often go on a faster pace. Tempo does no longer affect one's mastering manner as tons because the period of each class does. Long lessons saturate college students and they often experience worn-out and come to be less receptive. It's far here that self have a look at out-performs the study room teaching. When you look at by way of your self, you can simply take sometime off and take wreck so as to get returned for your traditional self as a median student gets worn-out in an hour or so.
All you need to do is to draft a time table and begin running toward your goal in a scientific approach. Do no longer upload up "sky excessive" have a look at hours to your schedule song. Hold it straight-forward and allot time on your subjects similarly.
You need to take into account that the number of hours are not crucial however a qualitative look at is.

Thursday, February 21, 2019




Consistent with the German psychologist, Alfred Alder, a unique pleasant possessed by using people is "Their strength to turn a minus right into a plus". What allows a man to carry out this terrific feat? The only solution is that mind is a treasure house of unlimited strength. If guy loses his mind at the time of crisis, he isn't in a position to make use of his mental capacity in a fine way. Negative wondering is an impediment to human development at the same time as high-quality questioning is sort of a lifestyles-giver in that it stimulates human capacities. Therefore while an person or a nation is capable of preserve peace in every situation, countless possibilities open up. This is while minus can be was plus. Here I would love to present  examples to demonstrate this point. One is of the societal nature and different of an character nature.
A very distinguished, ancient example of turning one's minus into plus is provided via the Prophet of Islam. Within the well-known e book "The lavatory", Dr Michael Hart of the USA has discovered that "Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) become the simplest personality in history who become supremely a success at each the spiritual and secular levels”.
How became the Prophet of Islam able to acquire this supreme fulfillment? The secret lies inside the fact that though he again and again faced moments of crises in his task, he by no means lost his peace of thoughts. As such he turned into able to respond undoubtedly even in poor conditions. By using heading off disagreement and availing of opportunities, it have become feasible for him to convert his disadvantages into benefits. The British creator Kellett has as a result defined this success of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):-
“He confronted adversity with the determination to wring fulfillment out of failure." The entire existence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) become the sensible instance of this precept. Prophet of Islam faced masses of challenges in his complete lifestyles and he proved that those challenges may be eliminated thru peace. "alternate is the regulation of existence and challenges are the aim of life, we ought to venture the modifications now not to change the demanding situations."

Wednesday, February 20, 2019




Being a Muslim by inheritance, I know only a little about Islam. On the basis of my little understanding about Islam I can say that Islam is an elaborate treasure of knowledge which imparts the values of discipline, moral righteousness, honesty, compassion, sacrifice, cooperation, brotherhood and, above all, flawless submission to the divine kingdom of almighty "Allah". To put it in simple terms, humanity is the essence of Islam, but nowhere in The Holy Quran, killing of innocent people has been justified. In fact, it has been prohibited by Islam.
The lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is an outstanding example that every person of faith should follow. The grandeur of Prophet's (SAW) personality impressed Michael Hart to the extent that in his book of 100 great Personalities of the world, he enlisted Prophet (SAW) at number 1 serial. But, unfortunately the magnificence of prophet (SAW) has not impressed the Muslim lot.
The oneness of mankind is, in fact, the basis of Islamic culture. Prophet's (SAW) blessings and benevolence is meant not only for Muslims but also for others who belong to the different regions and religions of the world.
For Adam's children irrespective of cast, creed, colour and sex, he is rightly called as Rehmatan-lil-Aalamen. But infidels or certain bigots delimit the vast area of Islamic Culture and faith by interpreting the same as per their restricted thoughts to meet their vested interests.
For being a devoted Muslim, one needs to be a good human being. Humanity is the underlying principle of Islam. But we as Muslims shy away from following this simple precept. Person who is not a good human being can't be a good Muslim and hence does not come within the fold of Islam. Subsequently, for the wrong doing of handful of people, Islam and its concepts have been misunderstood and misinterpreted. None other than the Muslim Ummah is to beblamed for defaming and exploiting the Islamic core of values. Needless to mention, it is the Muslims who need to prevent the defamation of their religion by projecting the real values and basics of Islam in the true spirit.
Let us unite together and practice Islam as has been practiced and preached by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).



Kashmir, as soon as regarded for its class and incredible mountains, has now become a hotbed of violence. Its perilous journey from a heaven to a battlefield has produced such a lot of wounds in all sections of society. The battle between India and Pakistan has surpassed all boundaries and country wide hobby has risen nicely above humanity. On this tussle for power, humanity is the victim.
This has turn out to be extra poignant following the Pulwama assault. There had been violent protests during India such as Jammu. Gujjar Nagar of Jammu saw the most outrageous clashes in which the two communities Kashmiris and Jammu descendents got here head to head with one pelting stones on the other. In Kashmir worry changed into hovering over the whole community. Scared that military will take revenge and could vent out their frustration on civilians, diverse communities decided to spend nights in Masjids and left their homes locked for complete night.
The insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir compelled many students of valley to move out for the sake of their research. However, the multiplied stridency in hyper nationalism under the Narender Modi government has put the lifestyles of hundreds of Kashmir college students reading in mainland India at threat. The multiplied existence hazard had led many students to return lower back to their houses.
Now the deadliest assault in Pulwama has produced a wave of anger some of the inhabitants of India , particularly northern India. There have been protests throughout India annoying a sturdy movement towards Kashmiris and Pakistan. There are needs that Kashmiri students must be sent again. And positive locations gave closing date to rented Kashmiri college students to evacuate the area within 24 hours. With this hectic atmosphere and elections beforehand, the venal politicians will again exploit the gullibility of standard hundreds. They will once more play the chords and will keep the deadlier combat happening as it favors their emblem of politics. Regardless of repenting on their coverage failure and taking into account an alternative, they will hold with the same ideology that has turned vale into a battleground. It is a time no longer for revenge but introspection. The powers that be in India must recognize the seriousness of trouble and must begin the talks with all stakeholders without similarly traumatic the difficulty with motion-response approach. Nothing except the prudent statecraft can clear up the issue which has filled graveyards with younger souls.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019




Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as his closest MBS, will arrive in Islamabad this week on the visit of Pakistan to Islamabad. After Pakistan, Prince will come to India and like Pakistan, he will be in India for the first time. Let us know that before the start of his two-day Pak tour, his personal belongings have arrived in Pakistan. You may be surprised to know that Rajkumar's personal belongings have reached Islamabad in five trucks.
It is believed that Saudi prince will stay in the Prime Minister's house but after this, the two top hotels of Islamabad have been completely booked. In these hotels, the staff members of Rajkumar's staff will stop. Two other hotels have been booked as astounding. The goods that Pakistan has reached in five trucks include Rajkumar's exercise equipment, furniture and some of his personal needs. Apart from his security team, some of the Saudi media have also reached Islamabad.
Pakistan has gone for the first time - Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is going to visit Pakistan for the first time. He was invited by Prime Minister Imran Khan and after this he decided to visit this country. On behalf of the officials of both the countries, news agency AFP has been confirmed that many deals are expected to be stamped on Rajkumar's Pakistan tour. Both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been partners for several decades. For the last several months, there has been continuous dialogue with many important deals between the two countries and it is believed that all these deals can be approved on this high profile tour.
Rajkumar will come to India after Pakistan, and like Pakistan, he will be in India for the first time. The world-wide eyes of Rajkumar on the Indo-Pak visit. His visit is happening at a time when he is badly surrounded by charges of murder of journalist Jamal Khashogi. Saudi Arabia is the largest energy security partner of India. After US sanctions against Saudi Arabia's rival Iran on its nuclear program, New Delhi has created a crisis of energy security. It is believed that energy security and investment can be discussed on their visit to India.
Sources say Saudi Arabia has set a package of several billion dollars for Pakistan. If Pakistan gets it, its economic crisis can be far away. In the investment that can be made for Pakistan by Saudi Arabia, investment of $20 billion is considered to be the most important. This investment will be for refinery and oil complex located in the Gwadar port located on the Arabian Sea. This port is an important part of the billion dollar infrastructure project CPE between Pakistan and China.

Sunday, February 17, 2019




This is the example of the political drama that took place in Jammu and Kashmir. After breaking the coalition of BJP and PDP five months ago, governor's rule was imposed in this highly sensitive state.
The Assembly was suspended in the hope that perhaps the possibility of a new government would be created. On Wednesday, PDP, National Conference and Congress indicated that they are ready to form a government together. The formula was that the Congress and the National Conference Mehbooba Mufti would support the formation of the government.
When Mehbooba's letter reached the Raj Bhavan located in Jammu (the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir) in winter, political activity suddenly flared up. An hour later, Governor Satyapal Malik dissolved the assembly by citing his constitutional rights. Now the term of this assembly was more than two years left.
Now questions are being raised about the action of the governor. In the media it is being discussed that how did the democracy in Jammu and Kashmir weaken with the Governor's move? The question and the debate remain intact but it is important to understand here that why the decision to dissolve the Assembly was taken so early and why not when Congress, PDD and National Conference were chanting this chorus for the past four months.
Kashmir is a very important issue since the Sangh Parivar, since it is marginalized in the politics of Indian politics. There are many things about the special status of Kashmir and disputes related to it, but when it comes to working, nothing happens. Narendra Modi got very fast in the Jammu region and he got a lot of support from Sangh Parivar. In the 2014 state assembly elections, BJP emerged as the second largest party in the state.
No party had a clear majority in the assembly. PDP was undoubtedly the largest party in the state assembly, but could not ignore the BJP won by a huge majority in the Jammu region. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed aligned with BJP. Following the principles of Vajpayee, BJP agreed to continue the special constitutional status to the state, promote dialogue with all parties, bring back many power projects and central public units in the state.
After the demise of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the PDP-BJP coalition remained in the cloud of suspicion for a few months, but then under the leadership of his daughter Mehbooba Mufti, everything was just fine. But due to the failure to fulfill the promises of the minimum common program of the coalition, the BJP workers themselves feel frustrated. After all, this government was burdened by Modi's BJP and he withdrew from the PDP. Due to the fall of the government, the PDP has a strong push. He alleged that he was running a government with a party which he had promised to co-ordinate... The Governors rule was imposed for six months following by presidents rule in the state(which is still imposed in the state)..

Friday, February 15, 2019




      Islam offers many human rights for the character. The subsequent are some of the human rights that Islam offers. The life and belongings of residents in an Islamic state are taken into consideration sacred whether or not a person is Muslim or now not. Islam also protects honour of a person. So, in Islam, insulting others or developing a laugh of them is not allowed. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; really your blood, your home and your honour are inviolable.
      Racism is not allowed in Islam, for the Quran speaks of human equalities inside the following terms; Oh! Mankind we have created you from male and female and feature created you into countries and tribes with the intention to draw close every different truly the noblest of you with Allah is the most pious. Actually Allah is all understanding, all conscious (Quran 49:13)
      Islam rejects sure individuals or countries being favoured due to their wealth, electricity, race, and many others. Allah created human beings as equals who're to be outstanding from every different on the basis of faith and piety. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; O humans your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not higher than a non-Arab, and a white man or woman isn't better than a black and vice-versa.
      One of the primary issues mankind facing nowadays is racism. The development can ship a man to the moon however cannot prevent a man shape hating and preventing his fellowmen. Ever because the days of the Prophet Muhammad (noticed) Islam has furnished a vivid example of how racism can be ended. The yearly pilgrimage (Hajj) to Makkah shows the real Islamic brotherhood of all races and countries, whilst approximately  million Muslims from all around the world come to Makkah to carry out the pilgrimage.
     Islam is the religion of justice, Quran says; sincerely Allah instructions you to provide lower back trusts to whom they're due, and whilst you choose between humans, choose with justice.... (Quran 4:58)
     The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said; humans watch out for injustice, for injustice shall be darkness at the day of judgement.
      And people who have not gotten their rights i.e., what they have got is just declare to in this existence will receive them at the day of judgement as the Prophet Muhammad (noticed) stated, "at the day of judgement, rights could be given to the ones to whom they're due (and incorrect can be redressed)".



Secluded everywhere and out of breath
Searching for nothing far and near 
We live the life on pain of death
But never reveal the cause of fear.

   We know, we are searching for something but we don’t know what it exactly is. We search it every day in the graveyards of this Paradise which were once known to be the beautiful gardens where you could hear the laughing cries of the children playing with their parents. But alas! Now you are only able to hear the painful cries of the restless parents whose buds didn’t bloom.

  We search it every hour on the roads of this valley which are being showered by the blood of innocent children. These roads sunk in the blood of the innocent ones, want us to replace the fluid used for printing our emotions and ideas on a sheet of paper by this precious RED INK which He is gifting us every moment.

   We search it every second in the heart of a mother holding a rice plate in her hands and waiting for her son at the ‘varendah’ who according to her has gone out for a cricket match. But actually, she is not ready to accept the fact that her son has lost the game of his life.

    Is it a fact just a dreadful dream of mine? If it is my dream then I want you to wake me up so that I could again breathe and hear the children laughing in the laps of their parents. But if it is not a dream then sing me a lullaby and send me to the world of dreams because that is the only place where they won’t be able to set my spirit on fire, where one has no burning scars, where they won’t be able to vanish my morale, where I would not have to see this hellish Paradise.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

WOMEN IN 21st CENTURY - dargowhar

WOMEN IN 21st CENTURY - dargowhar


        Today in the 21st century we see girls are not lagging behind boys in any walk of life. They are getting equal education as boys do. If girls are given a chance, they always prove to be better than boys, whether in the field of sports, world of fashion, in the field of medicine, engineering, IAS, KAS, pilot service and even in the field of mountaineering, girls always excel.

     We know that the status of woman has risen high. During the last couple of decades women showed their talent, one can quote women like Sarojini Naidu, Mora Ben, Vijay Laxmi Pandit, etc., have taken active part in the freedom movement with men. It is the matter of pride for India that they had a female leader, Mrs. Indra Gandhi who will be remembered in India forever for her political wisdom.

      There are the great ladies of motherland who have shown the right and bright way to other sisters of their land. Following their way, today girls are not working inside their homes only but also handling the situation outside. In 2003-04 Olympic Games where Indian men failed to bring even a single medal, a woman, Mallegwari bought laurels to the nation by winning Bronze medal in weight-lifting. There is hardly any field of activity in which women have not performed better than men. Girls are more dedicated, determined, diligent, responsible, reliable, dynamic and compassionate. It is their tolerance and devotion which adds to their beauty and intelligence, that is why even in the board exams, girls always show better results than boys.

      But even today inspite of women being doctors, engineers, professors and even lawyers, they are believed to be secondary part of the society. There is uniform in schools and colleges for girls, they have a restricted time to come and leave school as per rules and regulations. The girls always follow these rules but not the boys.

      Dear friends, whatever effort we put, whatever good we do, no matter at last we have to bear and bear this bitter phase “You are a girl” which is believed to be a curse given by the gentle man of this society. Man who thinks himself superior forgets that he was reared for months and fed by mother, cared by a sister and attended by his beloved. I remind them that woman is the root of the family, ornaments of the society and pride of the nation.

      Wakeup girls, wakeup, nobody but only we all together can lead all girls towards advancement. It is only we people who can improve a lot of our backward rural sisters.

      We have proved ourselves, but we are still believed to be a curse in 21st century.


Monday, February 11, 2019



          During Dogra rule, Kashmiri's in general and Muslim in particular suffered numerous atrocities. Dogra rulers for the purpose of creating a supporting structure, cultivated Hindu minority and pampered them. Such an arrangement put the Hindus as a class of exploiters and Muslims as a class of exploited. Majority of the pandits constituted the officialdom of Dogra state and exploited the Muslim Peasants. The Peasants of Kashmir were subjected to exorbitant taxation. State appropriated about 75% of their produce. Now better was the condition of the working class who were supposed to pay five rupees tax out of there seven rupees monthly income. The minuscule Muslim middle of Kashmir was worst hit by discrimination in terms of education, government services and contracts etc. Such a situation provided the milieu for the emergence of movement under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. But what is remarkable about the movement is that it was essentially rooted in class struggle rather than communal hatred. The movement from the very inception assumed secular and progressive character under the charismatic leadership of Sheikh Abdullah. It was his adherence to socialist ideology that the mass movement of Kashmir assumed the socialist orientation aimed at the upliftment of the downtrodden sections of the Kashmiri society irrespective of their religious affiliations. 
             There is no denying the fact that the organized freedom movement was named as "Muslim conference "and used religious idioms for mass mobilization. But such a nomenclature can be justified by considering the sectarian character of Dogra state.Muslim masses were pitted against the state which claimed itself the upholder of Hindu Drama.Jawaharlal Nehru remarks in this regard ,"A popular mass movement especially in Kashmir with 95% of Muslim population was bound to be predominantly Muslim. Otherwise it would not be popular and would not affect masses" .The movement would have assumed the communal overtones but it was largely because of the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah that it maintained its secular character. This is the reason that some of the progressive Hindus(Bazaz,Kasyp Bandu,Jaya lal Kilm,and Budh singh) became the close associates of Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh and Bazaz together popularized the secular and progressive ideology through their Newspaper italics. The culmination of such an effort was the conversion of Muslim conference into National conference. The Hindu did not identify themselves with the movement. They not only remained away from the movement but also played a reactionary role. Sheikh Abdullah's secular ideas brought him closer to Indian National congress. He always popularized his secular program through mass meetings and annual sessions of conference. This is the reason, when the whole subcontinent was burning in communal frenzy in 1947,Gandhi recognized ray of hope in Kashmir. It was the time when Muslims of Kashmir saved the life and property of their Hindu brethren and kept alive the tradition of age old harmony. Through Sheikh Abdullah misjudged political developments and had contradictions with in his personality, yet he deserves the credit of awakening the people of Kashmir from centuries of political slumber and giving secular orientation to the mass movement against the Dogra State.