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Saturday, March 16, 2019

LIFE IS PRECIOUS! - dargowhar

LIFE IS PRECIOUS! - dargowhar


Life is very precious
Don't let it drift away
There is much that must be done
Every minute of each day.
A single moment wasted.
Is a great chance lost
Nothing can be brought back
Not at any cost.
We have eyes that do not see
Ears that do not hear?
Hands that cannot help
Or a heart that cannot cheer?
These are useful assets
With a purpose behind
They have a duly to perform
Respond to every call.
Most important is a loving heart
That can intensely feel
There's nothing so terrible
On this earth
That love can not heal.
We all must always do our duty
Only then can we be a part of humanity.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A POEM FOR MOM - dargowhar

A POEM FOR MOM - dargowhar


You're the daylight in my day,
You're the moon I see a long way away.
You are the tree I lean upon,
You are the one that makes troubles by means of gone.
You are the one who taught me life,
How not to fight, and what is right.

You are the phrases interior my song,
You are my love, my existence, my mom.
You are the one who cares for me,
You're the eyes that help me see.

You are the only who is aware of me fine,
While it is time to have fun and time to rest.
You're the only who has helped me to dream,
You listen my coronary heart and also you pay attention my screams.
Fearful of lifestyles however looking for love,
I'm blessed, for God sent you from above.

You're my friend, my coronary heart, and my soul,
You are the finest pal I understand.
You are the phrases internal my tune,
You're my love, my life, my mom.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

FEAR BUT NOT REAL - dargowhar

FEAR BUT NOT REAL - dargowhar


Among dears, fear is one of the close.
Sometimes, it meets naturally,
and sometimes situationally.
Sometimes out of sleep
but many times in sleep.
Everyone tries to ward it off
Situations bring it again and again
Naturally it may vanish
otherwise, it is a suicide.

Mostly, the dark time is a suitable time to meet it, and
one evening of my childhood, as I came from a mosque
on the way, I saw a woman with her many children.
All were full of anger,
hair upon their face,
all were black and tall.
I surprised to see all shoeless, but
I shocked, when I saw their foot reversed.
Their voices like aliens.
Actually they were ghosts.
To save myself, I ran away towards home,
but I shocked to see them in front…
I cried, plz save me...

After sometime,
I listened some knocks.
my parents roused me and asked,
"How horrifying was the dream?"

Monday, February 18, 2019

NOW THE TIME IS OURS - dargowhar

NOW THE TIME IS OURS - dargowhar


How many lives you want more?
It is enough, I think.
Lend ear to me,
now the turn is ours.
Count your corpses. I dream of your future,
much fierce and full of fetters.
The time full of grief
and full of wails for you.

I saw merry in your grief,
your support, and strength in our company.
Your infirmity in our zest, passion and unity,
and our end in our ends.

So, friends come out of sleep,
it's not the time to dwell in dreams.
Unity is our power and
Allah our hope and trust.
The time is to leave the laps,
to care our ills and pains,
to rebuild our dead home
and to save the humanity.
The enemies get faded away,
their power is running out
and it is best time to achieve,
whatever we want.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

SON OF THE VALLEY (PART 2)  - dargowhar

SON OF THE VALLEY (PART 2) - dargowhar


Now the birds sing no more
so are the rivers dead.
And they asked, "Why this?
…. And the voice replied,
Only this will lead you to that".
"Moonlight floods the whole sky
from horizon to horizon".

And the ocean of purity said,
"Nothing is attained without effort to get the pearl,
you must first smash the shell".

So what you think, you would become; what you feel,
you would attract; what you imagine, you would create.

….And they caste down their heads in despair and distress.
And the voice lame....
 "You have seen your own path
You have seen your own light
You have golden wings,
You do you worry"

And the Mother was asked where does all your beauty lie?
Where has the beauty of lusty days gone,
Where is your chap, for rainy days?

To say, murmured,
 Within my own deep sunken eyes,
Within the blood of my veins,
Within the beats of my heart,
 Within the longing song of my love,
….And the voice came, your beloved son
will be remembered through these eternal lines,
"Till, He revolves the days by nights and nights by days
Till, He rises the sun in the east and sets it in the west
Till, the Adams son would see or can breathe".

Even if it would take thousands and millions of years
these words will reach for whom they are they're intended.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

SON OF THE VALLEY (PART 1) - dargowhar

SON OF THE VALLEY (PART 1) - dargowhar


The Valley is in it's bloom The snow on the high mountains seems like the Crown on the head of the king.

Daffodils dance like a princess in the ball.
The birds sing the songs of love The rivers play music in its loud The giant trees making merry in its fullest The flowers, the birds, the trees all cherish.

And it  soothes the eye of the heaven

and was like,

I should compare you to a sunny day

Your veins more warm and more passionate

Rains do shake the flowers of this season But the flowers exhale the fragrance when cherished

Their eternal soul does not expat
Nor they lose the passion of love they own.
The love which is imbued in them by the creator on the day of creation
And to paise heaven said- if there is paradise on earth it's this, it is this, it is this. By barbarity or atrocity autumn creeps in Autumn, the death capsules them in his shade And dig deep troughs in the valley And the autumn's proud army tottered the leaves of small worth now! Autumn's army walks on the leaves and makes them bleed. And the skinny branches wail for their beloved sons Oh heaven, oh heaven bring my son back!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

ELUSIVE PEACE - dargowhar

ELUSIVE PEACE - dargowhar


The fallen autumn leaves are longing for life;
The withered flowers are gasping for breath;
The wailing cries symbolize our valley's strife,
which has been destroyed by the scythe of death.

Everywhere there is dance of death;
Around sunset, the sky turns red;
The hapless valleyites die with every breath;
Their dried eyes have no tears to shed;

Our natural resources have been plundered;
Our soul and body has been ruthlessly battered;
Peace is elusive, humanity has been murdered;
But, the resilience of people remains to be conquered.

Here, Homo sapiens are endangered but canines reared;
Animal rights are preferred over human rights;
Bovines are sanctified,Cow-vigilantes pampered;
People are being denied their fundamental rights.

Too much bloodshed has made valleyites immune to pain;
They live for moments but die for hours;
The blood-soaked land is yearning for celestial rain;
May peace return to this land of ours!

In the alcove of saints,the monster of death is on prowl;
Perilously poised are we on a slippery slope;
Aimed an earie calm, only the wolves howl;
But, we have learnt to divorce reason from hope.